Meals on Wheels Update

I spent an hour or so this morning riding with JC Welch and Gordon "Sonny" Cone as they delivered meals for the Frankston area Meals on Wheels program. What a joy! Talk about meeting a real need! For some of these people, that will be the only hot meal they receive today. They took me to areas of town I'd never been and I had the privilege of meeting some of the finest folks around. It was awesome! I even got to meet Mr Troy Cook, a former state champ basketball player for Frankston in 1960-61, now an expert pull-tab collector. You'll see an article about him on the front page of this week's Frankston Citizen. He's collected thousands of pull-tabs (you know - from the top of pop-top cokes!) and placed them in the great big water cooler type bottles. He estimates he has around 650,000. As I stood in his home today and counted the bottles (he counted the tabs in one bottle at around 53,000 tabs), I estimated it was more like 900,000. He's not just cluttering his home, however, because he's doing this for a purpose. He plans to donate his collection for the benefit of the Shriner's Burn Center. Good work, Troy, and thanks for the great example of having vision to see what others miss.


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