Survey says. . .

A recent article cites a survey done by Lifeway, a Christian organization, to get a non-Christian perspective on the church and what keeps them out. Almost three quarters of those who responded say they haven't darkened a church door in the last six months and believe the church is "full of hypocrites." That lines up with another recent survey done by the Barna Group that said Christian is more about organized religion than about loving God and loving people. Hmmmmmm. Sounds like we've got our work cut out for us, doesn't it? Hang on to your hats for the rest of the survey. Almost three-quarters of those who responded said they believed "God actually exists" and 78 percent said they would be willing to listen if someone they know wanted to tell them about Jesus. Here's where it comes down - relationships. People have been turned off by the church (by that I mean the church at large, not just FBC) - I can understand that. We've made ourselves appear bigoted and small-minded. We've been vicious toward those within our own congregations and even been hard on our church leaders. Perhaps it's time we turn over a new leaf - change - and become the people God intends for us to be by acting on Jesus' command from John 13:35 - "They (unbelievers) will know you're mine by the love you have for one another." Lord, make that true in our lives.


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