Your Order has been shipped!

Those are the words I'm waiting to hear. If you've been reading with us for awhile, you've already heard about the demise of my beloved little white Mac laptop. One the best I've ever owned, this laptop died in the line of service, specifically it died while broadcasting a picture of Martin Luther during a Sunday night service - I can't think of a more fitting way to go! Nevertheless, now Mac-less, I tried to repair the laptop only to discover the logic board has gone south. It was third-hand when I bought it. So, in consultation with my wife (and following some begging :-), I order a new Macbook laptop last Friday night. Here's a shot of it:
I'm REALLY excited about it's arrival. The truth is I've checked the website where I bought it about every other hour to see if they've shipped yet. I'll tell you a secret - I've never bought a new Mac. Of all the Macs I've ever owned, this is the first one that will be mine first. Milestones like that make me all misty. Snif, snif. :-)


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