A big step

Last night in our montly business meeting, our church vote overwhelming to install the much-anticipated and oft-discussed video projection screens for our auditorium. We'll begin work on them shortly after Easter on March 23 and have them ready for the Spring Musical in early May.

I got home and reflected on the evening and realized what a great fellowship we have at FBC. Not all in attendance voted for the proposal and not all of us agreed that we even needed them, but at the end of the meeting, at least from where I was, everyone went away with love for the Lord, our church and one another. That's far more important to me than anything else. If we lose that, we've lost everything. We've lost our mooring as connected to Christ. We've lost our focus on Christ's commands to love one another as we've been loved. This is EXACTLY the kind of thing Satan would love to use to drive a wedge between people. Pray with me that it doesn't happen!


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