Easter Sunday

On Sunday, we celebrated the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, breaking the chains of death and it's powerful dominion over us! Now THAT'S something worth celebrating! And celebrate we did.

We had an exceptionally full house Sunday morning and added two families to our fellowship. If you haven't met the McCurly's, they are fine folks - you'll be blessed by getting to know them. Stan works for a company in Tyler. Stacy is a stay-home mom. Their daughters, Mericlaire (nearly 12) and Mollie (newly 4 - her birthday, in case she missed telling you on Sunday, was last week!).

Brandon and Amber Crawley also joined us. Amber is a longtime member here and an alumnus of FHS. Brandon is from Alabama and, after serving 6 years in the military, works at CVS Pharmacy in Whitehouse. They've got one son, Drew, and another one on the way.

Please do all you can to make our new members feel welcome. We'll celebrate Easter again this week!


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