Financial Peace University

I'd like for you to imagine something - what would it feel like to be debt-free? Having all debts paid, except your home mortgage? Would that be liberating? Would it be freeing? Would it bring peace to your home? If the answer is yes, please make plans to join us for a free preview meeting on April 20th at 5 PM for a brand-new Bible study @ FBC called "Financial Peace University." The meeting that night is a preview with no committment - you can just come and see and then decide.

Written by Christian financial planner Dave Ramsey, FPU is NOT just for people who are in financial distress. Many times, people who are doing great find this Bible study just as helpful. It was born out of desperation - Dave had owned a large and profitable real-estate business in Nashville, TN. in the 1980's. The only problem was it was built on the shifting sands of credit. If one of his many banks had called in his note, it would ruin him. And so it was. He went from the top of the top to the lowest of the bottom. Dave took a long time in getting himself together financially, but when he did, he began to do well once more. This time, however, he built on Biblical principles! Having seen some success with that personally, his church invited him to lead a Bible study for others. That grew to another church and then another and then another. Now, FPU is taught by churches across the country. Prayerfully consider your involvement with FPU.