A blast from WAY BACK!

You know how sometimes you'll stroll down memory lane and think about where you've been? I've done a little of that today. Courtesy of a friend of mine, here it is - a picture of my first laptop. My parents bought it for me in 1986 when I was a freshman at Dallas Baptist University. If it looks crummy, looks are deceiving. This was high-tech in the mid-80's. We were seriously cutting edge! Even Bill Gates was a part of putting this on the market. I used this laptop all the way through college and even into grad school. It had 32K of memory so it was only good for a few programs. The word processor would max out the memory at about 11 pages of text so you had to be to the point.

Of course, now, my beloved iPhone has more than 100x's the memory, speed and computing power of this machine but it was a nice reminder of where I've been.