Crackheads running amuk

(Hat Tip to Wendy Bristow for pointing this article out.) The Darwinistas are at once more (led by the so-called Texas Freedom Network). For fear that their death-grip on the ideology of school children across Texas, they have pressured the State Board of Education (the group that decides approved school text books) to remove the 20 yr old clarification that evolution is a THEORY (an unproven and unprovable theory I might add.). Whearas for the last 20 yrs, the strengths and weaknesses of the theory of evolution were presented along with the theory itself, that caveat has been discarded on the basis of "pure science."

The clear implication is that Christianity has something to hide or fear from Darwinism. Furthermore, only a true simpleton would regard anything but Darwinistic evolution as a possibility. REAL scientists believe in evolution. REAL academics know that's the only plausible explanation. REAL smart people wouldn't dare consider Intelligent Design as a possible explanation (The Houston Chronicle does a great job of expressing these very things - click here to see the editorial). What a load of cow droppings! Last time I checked, many of these people lack the academic creditials many of us enjoy! Yet I'm supposed to lay aside my hard earned education and bow to their pressures just because they say so. Uhhhhhhhh. . . I don't think so. Furthermore, these crackheads can use my $5 title "Dr" when they refer to me.

I'm quite pleased to say if you live in Frankston that our State Board of Education Representative didn't bow to this pressure. Dr. Don McLeroy, a dentist in the Bryan area, has long stood with the concept of Intelligent Design. If you're interested, google him to see some of the unkind and vitriolic things said about him by those who demand "tolerance." For some, tolerance means you must tolerate their view without expressing any sort of disagreement. It's this sort of battle that must be waged to insure the "religious right" (as we're called) don't go quietly into the night. Call your state reps, Rep. Byron Cook and Rep Betty Brown (for Frankston) and let them know of your views!


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