High Pointe Church and the Gay Agenda

Perhaps you've read the story reported recently in the Dallas Morning News about Mr. Cecil Sinclair, a Navy veteran and an openly gay member of the homosexual community (if you haven't, here's a link to a summary). He passed away last week. High Pointe Church in Arlington (the old Johnson and Johnson facility at I-20 and 360), where Mr. Sinclair's brother was employed as a janitor, offered to host the service. Only later did the church learn the service was to embrace Mr. Sinclair's homosexuality and celebrate it as a natural way of life. Furthermore, there was no desire on the part of the family for the church to participate in any way other than facilities: no input in the service, no input into what was said or what was shown in the worship center in connection to the funeral. When the church withdrew the invitation since it was going to be an openly-homosexual service, the gay agenda kicked in. The indignity of their comments is predictable. If you disagree with them or decline to give in to their desires at any point, you are automatically an intolerant homophobic bigot.
Let me be clear about our response. Jesus loved all people, regardless of their lifestyle or their backgrounds. Yet even in that love, Jesus DID NOT condone any activities of sin. Rather, he called them toward repentance with the statement "Go and sin no more." As a church, we will always show people love, grace and mercy as commanded by Jesus and, hopefully, as reflected by our character. We will not, however, be backed down by those who wish to force their ideas upon our beliefs. Intolerance is a two-way street!


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