My Waterloo

By now you've probably heard about my experiences last Saturday at Lake Palestine. Damon Hopkins and his family threw a wonderful party at their home on Lake Palestine. They had several Sea Doo Jet Skis which if you've never ridden one, they are a blast! Julie and I have ridden them before without incident. This time, however, would be different!
There I was, riding along at around 30 MPH about to take a left hand turn to head back toward shore. Les Hopkins had warned me "That one's a little squirrely!" Oh that I would have listened! As I made my turn, the jet ski turned - I didn't. I continued in a straight line, right off into the water! Fortunately, the key came with me so it didn't keep running right toward shore. I swam and caught up to it (now without my sunglasses which the lake ate when I fell!). All I had to do was get back on, right? Right! . . . .Uh. . . Houston, we have a problem. Either I was too heavy or the jet ski was too light or my legs were too long - No matter how you frame it, I couldn't get back on the stupid thing! After flailing at it for 10-15 minutes, Andy and Chelsea McLaughlin had pity on me and came to help. After three or four tries and dumping myself back into the lake at least one, I made it on board. I couldn't drive it back to the dock fast enough! In spite of that, we had an amazing time - it was a blast! Glenn Holmans brought his ski boat - we hooked a tube to it and took everyone (brave enough to go) tubing. It was awesome! Thanks to the Hopkins for hosting such an amazing party and for being so very generous with their blessings. Next time, I'll try not to embarass myself! :-)


mavgirl27 said…
Wish I could have been there to see it!

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