Sometime Saturday night or Sunday morning, the air conditioner at the parsonage died a quiet death. Peacefully, it passed from us, its passing unnoticed until it was needed later Sunday afternoon. When it's demise was discovered, we lamented its loss with grief and great wailing. :-) The air conditioning man came to the house yesterday to tell us that was gone for good, not to be resurrected. After a brief prayer of repose, we relented and called the deacons. They've got the situation well in hand. A new unit has been ordered, ready for delivery and installation today.


Tim Guthrie said…
Great post! You are right on! Trust all is cooling off for you with the new AC unit!

mavgirl27 said…
I'm glad yall got it fixed!!! Now who am I supposed to watch the sports channel with?? Joke!

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