I'm an idiot! and other reflections

That's my reflection from yesterday morning. In my excitement and enthusiasm to proclaim the Word of the Lord, I accidentally preempted Mrs. Suzanne Blair's song. What a MORON! The worst part was I didn't even realize it until after the service! Suzanne came to me and said with a wink "I can take a hint - you don't like my singing!" It was then (and only then) that I clued into what I had done. I assured her it absolutely inadvertent and that we'd get back with her next Sunday.

As for last night, what a blessing it was to be a part of the service. We discussed Oprah and her "church." If you'd like to discuss it with me, drop me a note and we'll kick it around.

Are you ready for a secret? Don't share it because I won't be announcing this. We're leaving on vacation on Mother's Day afternoon. We'll be gone two Sundays (May 18th and 25th) as has been our custom since we've been in the pastorate. These will be the first Sundays we've had off since we arrived here last June. We're going to Cincinnati, Ohio to see the Reds play baseball. Afterwards, we're headed to Asheville, North Carolina for a writer's conference. We'll be home on Memorial Day. Pray for us as we get ready and pray for the Lord's blessings over those who'll lead in my place. I'll share that with you soon.


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