Prayer needed for Braden Bean

Braden Bean is the most active and happy 3 year old I know. Even when he's injured. Last night, Braden took a bad fall at home, landing face first on concrete. He fractured the orbital bone below his right eye. Of course, they took him to the hospital in Palestine immediately and got x-rays. The doctors believed everything was okay but wanted to make sure so they transferred Braden to Texas Children's Hospital in Houston. As most of us slept last night, Braden, riding in an ambulance on Renee's lap with Bryson following in the car behind them, made his way to Houston.
I'm very happy to report the neurosurgeon has visited with the Beans this morning and given Braden the "all clear." Everything looks good. Because of the fracture and it's placement, it will require surgery so they're waiting for the facial surgeon right now. Check back here or with the church office for more details as we have them.
When Julie and I got the call about Braden's accident, we went immediately to Palestine. When we got there, Braden was watching Animal Planet. As soon as he saw me, he perked up just like he always does with a quite happy "HEY BROTHER DARIN!" His little face was swollen but his spirit is unmarred. He wanted to talk about frogs, SpongeBob and when we were going to go swimming in their new swimming pool. Oh they I could be so happy when faced with his difficult circumstances. Pray for Braden today as well as Bryson, Renee, Justice and Garrett.


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