Business Meeting Tonight

From time to time, I get a question from vendors and people trying to sell the church stuff - how does your church make financial decisions? Policy decisions? Decide what's important and what isn't? My answer is simple: Our monthly business meetings. Their sole purpose is stewardship. God has blessed us in some amazing ways - using the business sessions means we have the opportunity to decide how to use those blessings. Not all churches handle business that way, but we do.

Tonight, we'll be discussing some important issues and if you're a member of FBC, you should choose to attend. We'll discuss
(1) the purchase of a new copier. Our 10 yr old current one is on it's last legs.
(2) A change to our wedding policy dictating no Saturday weddings later than 6 PM. Any later and our janitor is here until the wee hours getting the building back together for Sunday.
(3) Deacon qualifications and procedures for bringing in new deacons.

As you can see, all three are important issues - and that doesn't even address the everyday stuff like reviewing the budget. I'll see you tonight at 7 PM.


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