Jesus shed his blood for you. . .

A good friend of mine, Todd Hinkie (yes, he's the son of Jerry and Will Hinkie, FBC members) asked to meet with me sometime last fall. As we talked he told me about his work with the Carter Blood Center in Tyler. He gave me startling information - there are many days when the blood center has a one or two day supply. Even more surprising, that seems to be standard procedure for them! Wow. Think about this - when you need blood or blood product, you expect it to be there. Even more so with your family. But HOW will it be there if no one gives? That's where we come in. Over the course of this year, we've said repeatedly we want to reach the people of 75763. Oft times, one of the most powerful times to reach them is in their time of need - like a sickness or an injury - like when they need blood. So we're organizing a blood drive, spearheaded by the churches of our community. You'll hear more about it soon, but I've got a question - have you or someone in your family received blood as a part of your medical treatment? If so, would you be willing to allow us to use your story as we encourage people to participate in the blood drive? Contact me or the church office if you're willing!


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