Monday Morning Reflections

I realize today is President's Day and many people are off for the day - even our school took the day out - but I'm saving a day by working. Here are some random thoughts about yesterday and the weekend.
- We had a great time at the Valentine Dinner Saturday night. Our students worked exceptionally hard and did a fantastic job! All told, the students cleared about $1,400 after expenses, an amount that expresses just how generous our church really is.
- If you haven't seen the movie "Fireproof," you should. It's exceptional. When I heard Kirk Cameron was in it, I wasn't sure - the last time I saw him in something was "Growing Pains" - but he was unbelievable! A pertinent well-told story befitting our time.
- We had a great service yesterday morning. A full house never hurts, but the spirit of the service was terrific. A special thanks to my lovely wife, Julie, for her wonderful song. I didn't speak to it during the service after she sang because I didn't trust myself to not get emotional while doing so. The song she sang is a favorite of ours.
- We had a great time last night! Our study, "The Person of the Holy Spirit", was a welcome time of study for all of us. I was challenged by the dialogue we had and grateful for those who came with such an enthusiasm for the study.
- Now, our attention shifts to Public Servant Sunday this week. If you're an FBC member, remember we're planning to feed all those who show up so please plan to bring a little extra to cover our guests. Pray for this important day as we honor God's servants who serve us.


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