The proper motivation

As a former poor college student, I can attest to the nutritional qualities found at Denny's. I've eaten more than my fair share of Grand Slam Breakfasts within their walls, and plan to do more of the same. Thus, it was with a great deal of excitement that I watched their ad touting "Free Breakfast from 6 AM to 2 PM on Feb 3." (To be honest, I jumped out of my chair and shouted "Let's GO!" when the commercial aired. Fortunately, my wife's cooler head prevailed so we didn't get up and drive to the nearest Dennys - wherever that is). Kudos to Denny's ad guys for selling the idea to their executives. As I've read the news today, I've seen nothing but long lines and praise for Denny's. All those customers needed was the proper motivation.

Likewise, perhaps you saw the Jack in the Box ad where Jack was run over by a bus. The story wasn't completed but rather a web address was provided for you to check on him (Here's the link: When the commercial aired, within minutes the site had crashed due to the crush of web traffic placed on it. You can go there and write Jack a get-well note or post a video wishing him well. All people needed was the proper motivation to go to that site.

It's got me thinking about how to motivate people for the cause of Christ. If we can motivate people for free food or to visit a website, why can't we motivate people to care about other's eternal destiny? If we're going to reach 75763 for the cause of Christ, we've got to find motivation to care about people in a deep and profound way. Pray with me we'll find that!


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