Do you hate phone menus?

I had to call our satellite company today - we had reached the end of our free preview of the movie channels and we didn't want to pay for them. I tried to cancel them when we first got connected to the service back in June but they charge you a bonus to cancel the free preview. What in the world is that about?!? But I digress. So I called them. Immediately I was greeted by a kind voice letting me know all kinds of things about my account. After running in circles with this computerized knucklehead for 10 minutes, I finally was able to get a live person - a luxury these days. By the time I got to a friendly lady named Kris, I was aggravated through no fault of Kris. I thought to myself about the phone menus and what that means. While it makes good business sense, it makes very little sense to distance yourself from personal relationships. Hmmmm. . . sounds remarkably like some churches I've visited. They have all the right things in all the right places, but have forgotten the church is about personal relationships and the fact God has called us together as a family! Family is meant to be a connective word describe an intricate weaving of our lives together. That's why I HATE phone menus!


Anonymous said…
AMEN, AMEN, and I repeat, AMEN. Believe it or not, I actually argued with one of these machines (I think I won!!)
Laura Griffith