I'm always glad to come home after a long day, even more so when I feel like we took a positive step tonight. I don't necessarily mean about the building - as I said, I couldn't care less one way or the other - but toward unity of the spirit. The body of Christ is best demonstrated when the body stands together. I hope you'll pray with me that such a harmonius attitude continues.


Larry said…
I am 100% for unity in our church. Can you buy unity? I think not! The baptist church is an entity of believers and individuals that can use their own reasoning to make decisions. I believe many innovations are brought about by the minority. Therefore, I encourage forward thinking and new individualistic ideas. On sunday nite a group(committee #2) had an idea to renovate the existing gym. They went to great lengths to research the idea and bring it before the deacon body and church body as is Baptist practice. I see nothing wrong with this.At the sunday business meeting it was reiterated time and time again it would be cheap to pay $4500 or even $45000 to keep unity in the church. To me this is assuming that if the group didn't get their way they would get upset, cause disunity, or even leave the church. I don't think this would have been the case, at least I hope not. What about those in the church that were not for this project. Could their feelings not also be offended if they didn't get their way, surely not. If we are not a church that can't peacefully disagree(after all we are imperfect humans with different ideas) then we are not a church, we are only a group of secular people. I am sorry I've rambled on but I have more faith in our church than to think we have to buy our unity!
Michael Hicks said…
Ephesians 4:1-7 is a must read and heed. Unity of the local body must be sought through the Holy Spirit and can not be bought monetarily. The Pastor's vision was clearly stated when he came in view of a call. It was leadership developement and Evangelism. Let's find unity by supporting and sharing that vision and GOD will bless FBC beyong measure.If we are doing his work God will provide all that we need including, but not limited to buildings,finances,etc. Come on FBC let's win souls into The Kingdom.

Michael Hicks

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