Lack of Vision and Poor Planning

Did you read about the new Bright Lights Football Stadium recently completed in Orlando, FL? A $55 million dollar stadium built to seat more than 40,000 people with bathrooms aplenty and lots of parking, wonderful seats and outstanding playing surface as well as video board to see the game as if you were home. They forgot (or purposely left out) one key ingredient. They didn't put any water fountains in the facility. None. Not one. Anywhere. This absolutely had to be intentional. Through a lack of vision and incredibly poor planning, the University of Central Florida, by their own admission, "underestimated the need people have for water."
When I read this, I thought how much a church could make the same mistake - the truth is we're in the water business too! Only we're offering LIVING WATER! While many churches underestimate people's need for LIVING WATER, we're not going to make that mistake! We're going to show them the Savior in love and grace, with gentleness and patience. We live in a society literally dying of thirst while churches debate the color of the sky. Let's make sure our vision is clear - we want to see the lost come to faith in Christ - and our planning specific - let's hold nothing back in our pursuit of helping people come to faith in Christ!


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