Thomas Cook

For those who haven't yet heard, Thomas Cook passed away last night. Funeral details are forthcoming. We know this much - the service will be here at FBC. Bro. J. A. Griffin, a long-time friend of Mr. Cook, will offer the funeral message. Bro. Olin Boles (retired minister) and Chris White (principal of Frankston Middle School) will offer testimonies.
Mr Cook made an investment in so many lives there will be many who want to honor him. You can be sure of this: Mr. Cook lived a life worthy of honor. His investment in the lives of the students over the last 40 years will continue to pay dividends. His passion for students is what set his work apart. It was definitely not a job to him - it was a calling. Thanks, Mr. Cook, for showing the love of Christ through your work and for demonstrating a passion for seeing lives changed.


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