An awesome conference is available!

Last week I came across this but didn't have time to tell you about it until now. Are you interested in the textual background of the New Testament? Ever had an interest in hearing two world-renowned scholars debate and discuss the New Testament? Ever had a desire to go to New Orleans Seminary for a two-day conference? Then come and go with me! April 4-5 at New Orleans Seminary, Dr. Bart Ehrman and Dr. Daniel Wallace will be participating in the Greer-Heard Lecture Series (click here for the full story). It's cheap enough ($10) and close enough (7 hours to New Orleans) and filled with amazing scholars from literally around the world. You'll find no better opportunity for learning about the reliability of the New Testament text than here. If you'd be interested in going, drop me a note or call me and let's talk about it! I've already bought my ticket! (Don't worry - I'll be back in time for Sunday services).


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