An exciting discovery

When people find out I'm a New Testament textual criticism guy (and once they gather in what that means - :-), one of the first questions I get is usually "hasn't all that been done already?" The answer is an unequivocal NO! Why not? Because we keep finding things! Here's a link to a story that broke this week about a stash of manuscripts just located in an Egyptian monastery. While the evaluation of the manuscripts is far from complete, it's a wonderful discovery fraught with possibilities.
BTW, if you'd like to discuss my hobby of New Testament textual criticism, drop by and let me bore you with it for awhile. It's a fascinating field constantly growing and changing as it evolves. Relatively young, the science of textual criticism really took of in the mid 1800's under the leadership of B.F. Westcott and F. J. A. Hort, both of whom were British professors and church leaders. Google their names to learn about these amazing men and their beloved studies.


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