Reflections on the weekend

We laid my friend Shane and his lovely daughter, Kalee, to rest on Saturday. They were deeply loved and it showed. They invested themselves in the lives of people and in the Kingdom of God. They poured themselves out and found the Lord ready to receive them. We'll miss them, but we know they're at home today.
As far as those of us left here, we were absolutely overwhelmed facility-wise. We had no idea we'd have somewhere around 800 people in attendance. Our auditorium seats 400 comfortably, 450 if we squeeze in a few chairs, 500 if we line the walls with people standing. We had another 75-80 seated in folding chairs in the foyer. The rest just had to make do, a fact we'll work on for next time (let's hope it's under happier circumstances. Our parking was woefully inadequate - people parked as far away as the Maxwell pharmacy three blocks to our north. A special thanks is due to the Cooper Funeral Home of Athens and Gina, our wonderful and amazing janitor who put the building back together Saturday night in time for Sunday.
Please continue to pray for Lisa and Emily Morgan, our friends at Hilltop Baptist Church and our community.


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