Update on Lisa Morgan

Many of you have inquired as to how Lisa Morgan, Shane's wife, is doing following their accident last week. Lisa is doing well and about to have another surgery on her broken arm but looks to be released from the hospital later in the week. Emily, their 4 yr old, was released over the weekend and is doing well. Thanks for praying for them as they move forward under the grace of God. Services are still being planned and prepared for Shane and Kaylee. I'll drop you a note here when they're finalized.
Our friends at Hilltop Baptist Church had a special guest yesterday - Rev Larry Morgan, Shane's dad and missionary to Africa. From all accounts, Rev. Morgan's message was powerful. May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ guide them as well.


Dustin Edwards said…
I grew up and graduated from Cross Roads HS around Athens, TX where I met Shane, and Lisa. They changed mine, and my brothers lives.. I heard about the accident and was able to make the funeral services for Shane and Kalee. Recently, Lisa has been on my mind. I've been searching online for something more current on Lisa. If anyone can help me with contact info, or if you know how she is doing, please, drop me a line.

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