A provocative film by Ben Stein?

I don't frequently encourage people to see movies and I'm not necessarily endorsing this one, but it's definitely food for thought. Back in January, one Sunday evening we discussed Darwinism and the "cult-like" following it has. To be a scientist and be respected by the scientific community, you must join the cult and follow it in lock-step fashion or risk being "outed" as a weak thinker, non-scientific theist with an automatic agenda for foist religion on people with or without their permission. Pretty heavy, no? Especially for people who claim to aspire to the high ideals of academic freedom. But what, exactly, does that mean if we all must agree Darwin was right? Is there NO room for discussion?

That's the question asked by Ben Stein in a new movie about to be released called "Expelled." All I've seen is the trailer right now, but even that makes me say maybe Ben, after having given away all his money (you do remember the show "Win Ben Stein's Money"?) and having checked the roll for Ferris Bueller one last time (go rent "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and you'll understand that one), has finally begun to ask some penetrating questions. Here's a link to the site.


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