Report on my conference

So what was this conference I drove all the way to New Orleans for and got sick in the process? Was it worth it? Absolutely! The Greer-Heard Lectures at New Orleans Seminary covered New Testament Textual criticism - an abiding passion of mine. Several noted scholars in the field had traveled great distances to be there so I decided to join them and participate by listening intently. If you'd like to read a blow-by-blow of the discussion, please feel free to visit this site.
Dr Bart Ehrman (Univ of North Carolina-Chapel Hill), a man whom I've read most everything he's ever written, was there, as was Dr. Michael Holmes (Bethel University - Minneapolis), another man who is absolute rock star to me. Dr. David Parker (Univ of Birmingham -England) who directs the International Greek New Testament Project (a group I volunteer with) and Dr. Bill Warren from New Orleans Seminary. It was a wonderful time of interaction and intellectual stimulation. Ask me about it in person and watch me rant and rave!


Rusty said…
Stephen Colbert's comment on Dr. Bart =amazing. haha.

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