An easy Saturday

Today we took a day to just rest. Our conference begins tomorrow - we'll have a schedule to keep. But today was all ours so we took it. After sleeping late, hanging out at the hotel and a leisurely breakfast (included in our room was the best "free" hot breakfast I've ever had a hotel!), I looked up the local municipal golf course and went to play! To describe it as "hilly" would be to denigrate the hills. The famed golf architect Donald Ross (designed of the famous Pinehurst #2 here in North Carolina) designed this municipal course in 1927 - it's still in use. It beat the hound out of me and fooled me a number of times with it's visual trickery - like #18, pictured here below. The tee box is on the same plane as the green but everything else is set at about 15 degrees. At 210 yards, it's not long - but I still made a 5 because I out-thunk myself.
It was a great time and I made some memorable shots but mostly forgettable ones. I'll not soon forget playing here, however, and the fine experience I had in spite of one of my partners (I got thrown into a group) who believed he was Ben Hogan. While he was certainly old enough to be, his game wasn't nearly as good as he was fussy about it. I was forever too close, in the wrong place, out of turn, etc., etc., etc.. I'm not a newbie at this, but this guy was a prototypical home course player - fussy. I hope I'm not that way on our courses at home!


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