One last round before we leave North Carolina

I'm flipping through my latest "Golf Magazine" issue. I turn to the "Travel Golf" section just to dream a bit when I spot "Mt Mitchell Golf Resort - 1 hour from Asheville." I called and set a tee time as soon as I found out how much it cost (cheaper than a round at Pine Dunes back home). What the ad didn't say was the path to get there. It's not neccessarily hard to find - it's just that you have to cross three mountain ranges (one of them twice) to get there! I never gotten motion sick when I was doing the driving but I was near that today. It was like a stinkin' driving test. You know - the kind where they test your driving acumen: turning, braking, speed, etc. As I drove, I thought to myself "this had better be darn good." I wasn't disappointed.

The picture you see here hardly does it justice. This was Hole #14, their signature hole. What you can't see are the mountains framing this hole. I gave up trying to get them in and get a good shot of the hole. The one below is #15 - yes, there were trout in that stream - as well as a couple dozen golf balls. Click the pictures and they'll zoom out to their proper format - it's worth it if you like golf or beautiful places. As it turns out, the course was definitely worth it - something I had to remind myself often when I drove that same route back to our hotel!


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