A wonderful Monday

We got up in Bowling Green, bought a camera and headed out! We visited Western Kentucky University (the Hilltoppers!) and rode the Duncan Hines Expressway (the original corporate headquarters for the baking giant is now a funeral home).
The highlight of the day was definitely the visit to Mammoth Caves, the largest cave system in the world. We took a 2 mile walking tour plunging us more than 300 feet below ground and causing me to hunch over due to low ceilings (even Julie had to hunch over!) It was one of the coolest things I've ever done. We had a blast.
After we left there, we visited Abe Lincoln's birthplace and boyhood home (not the same site - his father had a meandering spirit that ultimately took he, Abe and the rest of the family to Illinois.). Julie and I both hold President Lincoln in such high regard, it was only natural to make this a part of our trip. Here's a shot from the memorial at his birthplace.
So we finally arrived in Louisville this evening where we're staying the night. A lovely place, right on the Ohio River. A lot more charming than I thought it might be. We've visited the Southern Seminary (the sister school to Southwestern where I attended), the Papa Johns Cardinal Football Stadium (home to the University of Louisville Cardinals), and, of course, Churchill Downs. It was closed, so don't go popping off about how much money we lost at the track!
It's been a great start - check back tomorrow as we head to Indianapolis!


Anonymous said…
Love the pictures-keep us updated on your trip-be safe and have a great time!
Summer Says... said…
Thanks for posting blogs and pictures. I am enjoying vacationing vicariously through you and Julie! I hope you continue to have a wonderful trip!

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