We're here

A word to the wise - don't fly Continental Airlines. While their employees are great, their planes stink! Too small! "But Darin," you say, "isn't the real problem that you're too big?" It's funny to me the difference between a Continental Flight and an American Airlines Flight - somehow there's more room on American.

We arrived in Nashville, TN last night around 9 PM after a dicey and bouncy flight through a storm. For those who were at church with us yesterday, let me explain why we're there and not in North Carolina where I said we were going. We're headed to Asheville, NC ultimately, but not before we go to see a Cincinnati Reds baseball game! So we flew to Nashville, we're driving to Mammoth Caves today in southwestern Kentucky. We spent the night in Bowling Green, KY a really beautiful city, at least what we've seen of it so far. We won't be here long - just long enough to purchase a new camera. :-(
File this under the heading "Darin is a moron." After taking a couple of pictures of our dog, I set our nice camera down to pet him before we sent him away. I never picked the camera back up. Duane found it right where I'd left it - at home. We're headed to the store to pick up a cheap camera.

There is some good news, however, in being a big person. When we got to the car rental joint, the lady working the desk had pity on my poor pitiful self. If I'd pay for an upgrade, she said, she throw in another one. In common terms, that means a better car with more leg room. We're rolling in a Chrysler 300! Nice!
Pix later after we've bought a camera.


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