Sorry for the delay in posting

Sorry I didn't get posted yesterday - it's a long story! We spent Wednesday morning at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and I gotta say it was amazing! They were supposed to be doing track practice in preparation for the Memorial Day weekend Indy 500 Race. That's me kissing the 1 yard of bricks that marks the start-finish line. It's supposed to be good luck. I knelt down to the cold ground in the pit area of the track. I'd seen it on TV all my life but it's MUCH bigger than my mind envisioned it. We parked on the infield, walking Gasoline Alley and the pits, strolled the Hall of Fame Museum and watched the trucks go round the track drying it out from the morning rains. They ran the track dryers and they were LOUD!!!! Fortunately, my lovely wife had brought ear plugs for both of us. It rained out practice and it was stinking cold (50 degrees, maybe, with a stiff breeze.) but overall a wonderful experience.
Next, on to Cincinnati where we saw the Reds-Marlins game. The stadium is unbelievable! A riverfront setting, the stadium made a great place for us to spend the evening. The people were very friendy, even though we had a small problem with our tickets (we had placed the on will-call in March. Discover card changed our card number in April. They couldn't find us since that's what they use to track everyone.) It was a little cool and we had some obnoxious drunks behind us, but once we moved, it was wonderful!
We stayed in the Terrace Plaza hotel in downtown Cincinnati (found a deal online! Sweet!) on the 16th floor with a lovely view of Cincinnati. Everytime I looked out the window, I could see the antenna tower from the old sit-com "WKRP in Cincinnati".

So Thursday morning, we got up and left Cincinnati, driving along the Ohio River Scenic Byway. It tracks the Ohio River, the border between Ohio and Kentucky. It was a beautiful! A little overcast, but not too bad. Although our gas mileage suffered from the small towns along the way, we saw some amazing countryside, President U.S. Grant's birthplace and barns with quilt pieces on them providing a "map" for the Underground Railroad to use!

John Denver said West Virginia was "Almost Heaven." I'll have to take his word for it, 'cause here's all we saw.
Not so great, huh? It POURED on us the entire trip through WV. I've got family in WV and we came here several times when I was a child. This was my first time back as an adult. It may be my last. I've got fundamental issues with being charged a toll for driving on Federal Interstates. Didn't I pay for that road with my tax dollars? It wasn't much, but it ticked me off! Cheapskates! And there's no good alternative route from north to south! Okay, enough grousing.

We spent last night in Cincinnati. Tonight, we're less 15 miles from North Carolina. See you tomorrow from Asheville, NC!


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