BREAKING NEWS: This Wednesday night canceled due to a flood!

This Wednesday night's activities - all of them, including Wednesday night supper, TeamKid, Prayer Meeting and Youth Activities - have been CANCELED! We had a reasonably serious flood in the building last night during choir rehearsal. All carpeted areas except the auditorium have been affected.

What will we do about it? We've had ServePro, a carpet cleaning service, in here since last night cleaning and moving furniture. However, because the carpet was badly soaked in places (like the nursery suite), there's a good chance the carpet will not be suffciently dry by Wednesday night. Thus, rather than a take a chance of mold or something similiar, we're canceling everything until we figure out what our long-term remedy will be. If you're an FBC member, please make special pains to be at our March Business meeting on March 10th to discuss this issue and its solution.


Ronny Cooksey said…

Sorry about the flood! Are you preaching on Noah this week? Seriously, how are things shaping up? I am sure it has been a stressful week for you.


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