A dead battery

On Monday, my lovely wife came to my office. Just as she was about to leave, she mentioned the trouble her SUV had starting that morning. I recognized it right away - a dying (if not already dead) battery. We jumped into her SUV and drove to Johnny Wheeler's auto parts store. One of Johnny's fine employees came out to check on the battery with the tester - dead as a hammer. All the other machinery worked beautifully, but without the battery to set it all in motion, it's all worthless. Fortunately, Johnny sold me another battery (after he made a number of jokes at my expense, each of which I found hillarious! Like this one: "Don't trust anyone who's profession starts with a 'p' - preacher, politician or parts man!"). I took it home and swapped the old one for the new one and put Julie back on the road. No problem.

I wish it was that easy for our spiritual lives. Running low? Not much power in your life? BANG! Presto-changeo, swap the battery of your heart. Imagine Billy Mays or the Slap-chop guy selling that!

The truth is power is available to us - if we choose to remain connected to it. The power of the Lord is ever-present and ever-available. The real question is who's power we'll use - ours or His?


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