Misison Frankston headed to GALVESTON

I spoke this morning with our friends at Galveston about our upcoming mission trip. We'll convene a meeting with this same information right after Easter, but here it is in advance.

DATES: We'll leave around 2 PM on Sunday, July 19th. Our return date is Friday, July 24. If you'd like to stay around and find something fun to do, you're welcome to do so. If you'd rather head for home, most of us will head home after rush hour that evening.

WORK: We'll be working on homes and / or churches in the Greater Galveston area. They'll have to wait to tell us final details about where we'll be working until later in the summer since they have numerous other groups coming in ahead of us. Suffice it to say there's plenty to do!

ACCOMADATIONS: We'll be staying either at the University Baptist Church in Galveston (the host church who is coordinating the recovery efforts for the island) or at FBC LaMarque, just across the bridge from Galveston. Both have kitchen facilities for our use and showers at our disposal. Yes, we'll be sleeping on the floor, but that's nothing a good air matress won't solve!

TRANSPORTATION: We'll be driving ourselves to Galveston. If you'd rather meet us there, feel free to do so. If you need a ride, we'll be taking the church van.

OTHER OPPORTUNITIES: We don't know of a church that needs our help right now with regard to a VBS or something similar, but we're not done looking yet! Tune back in over the next several weeks and we'll get an answer to that.

So there you have it - our mission trip to our neighbors. Plan to be a part of it, won't you? Pray for open doors of ministry and pray for those who we'll minister to, even now, almost four months out.


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