Reuben J Swanson, PhD - 1917-2009

When I was writing my dissertation, one of the resources I used was a majestic work written by Dr. Reuben J. Swanson. Essentially, his works represent his life's blood. He poured his heart and soul into it and it showed. What a blessing those works were to me (and still are!) and to countless other scholars.

Dr. Swanson passed away this week near Cincinnati, OH. A devout man as well as a scholar, Dr. Swanson's legacy of work survives him and not just in book form. His son is a pastor there and his memorial service will be held in his church. Furthermore, his grandson Erik produced a video about Dr. Swanson. An admirable tribute, I've placed it here for your viewing. My apologies - the video doesn't begin until about the 50 second mark.

Dr. Swanson, you'll be greatly missed. May the Lord bless your family and here's to solving those textual problems by talking with the Lord Jesus himself!


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