Monday Morning Reflections

- A warm word of gratitude to our friends Matthew Hollensworth from Sand Springs Baptist Church near Athens and Debbie Mulholland from New York Baptist Church for the exceptional job they did last night. Their presentation regarding their mission experiences in the Ukraine was outstanding.
- Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ at the FBC of Maryville, IL.. Yesterday morning, a deranged individual shot and killed Senior Pastor Fred Winters during a morning worship service. I've never been to their church nor did I know Bro. Winters but I'm certain their grief today is overwhelming. It's comforting to know the great and powerful God of the universe stands at the ready to console us in our time of deepest sorrow.
- This week's buisness meeting will feature a discussion about the flooring in our church - both what we do have and what we need. Please make plans to join us Wednesday night for that discussion. We'll begin about 7 PM.
- A shout-out to our friends at Memorial Baptist Church in Corsicana, TX. I got an invitation from Rev. Jeff White to join MBC for Celebration Day, their annual church homecoming. Gladly, I accepted and will be there on Sunday, April 26th. If you're an MBC member, I'll meet you there. If you're an FBC member, not to worry - you'll be well cared for. See me later about who will speak that day.
- My parents will be joining us this coming Saturday, spending the day with us. They've not yet visited our new home, so this will be a real treat!
- I've thoroughly enjoyed preparing for a speaking to this series on the Bible. I hope you've been blessed by it. The danger I run on these type series is overwhelming some and thus sending them home empty when they came to get filled. Pray with me that doesn't happen. We've only got one more Sunday in this series - "How to read the Bible for all it's worth" - and then we'll move on.
- Spring break begins this week! Even though we're not in school, it's still a season marker!
- Thanks to Coach Sam Wells of Frankston High School for letting me announce the Regional Powerlifting meet. Unbelievable what some of these kids can lift. One young man - Alex Lowry a senior at Caddo Mills High School - squated 800 lbs, benched 470 lbs and deadlifted 625 lbs. Wow.


ML777 said…
Pastor Darin,
My name is Marie Lowry and I am Alex's mom. Just a note, after each meet, I always ask Alex from where comes his strength and he always replies,"Mom, you know my strength comes from the Lord." Alex was homeschooled until freshman year in high school. He began playing football his freshman year and was pretty bad (no playing time). He set his mind to work on it and started on the Varsity team his sophomore year. He has a full football scholarship to Rice University in Houston. Please pray for Alex that he would always give God the glory for his strength and that the Lord would use him to be a light wherever he goes. Many blessings to you!

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