Getting ready for Sunday

It's always a nice thing to get to go home. While we love our FBC family and consider it home, our friends at Memorial Baptist Church in Corsicana will always hold a special place in our hearts. We were serving there when we were married. We spent our honeymoon years there. It was my first pastorate (even if I did sort of back into it. They really just wanted Julie to play the piano, but they were willing to take me to get her!). We had our first home we bought there. I finished PhD work there - and they paid for it. That's why if you read the forward to my dissertation, you'll find them mentioned prominantly. We developed what I hope are some life-long friendships there. This is the first time we've had the opportunity to go back since we left there, almost two years ago and we're so looking forward to spending this Sunday with them. Pray for us as we go share this fun time of renewed friendships and fellowship.
As for our FBC family, I've spent some time this week helping Bro. Duane get ready for Sunday. Not that he really needed my help, but he humored me anyway. I believe you'll be be blessed by the message he'll share with you. Come ready to hear from the Lord.


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