Update on Shelley White - April 20th

This update on Shelley's condition was received yesterday. Remember our blood drive for Shelley is May 17th - a short three weeks from Sunday. Please prayerfully consider joining the effort in whatever way you can.

"The weekend has been nonproductive toward recovery in that we have had no physical therapy, no change in ventilator settings, etc. That is not to say that the nursing staff has worked less (they are great!), but the plan of action just seems to slow down on the weekend. Shelley continues to need total support from the ventilator to breath and her kidneys have not succeeded. She was dialyzed Friday and Saturday and allowed to rest today. That really zaps her strength which she has so little of. She complains of constant pain. I think the goal for this week will continue to be to reduce her need for the ventilator and to push ahead with some muscle action to get her sitting upright in the bed. Speech therapist will begin tomorrow to test for swallowing capability, working toward reducing the need for the feeding tube.
She has experienced myopia and neuropathy, leaving her totally helpless at this time. The doctors shoot very straight with us and it is very hard to hear. However, they always end by saying, "There is the hope that she will recover."
Actually, the Transplant Team seems to be satisfied with her progress as far as the liver goes. She is not in rejection and has no infection. They have warned us that the immune suppressant drugs will make her very suseptable to viruses in the next weeks.
Pray that Shelley is able to rest free of pain tonight and that she will not contract any "bugs".


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