Update on Shelley Burks-White

Below is the latest update from Judy Burks regarding her daughter, Shelley. Please remember to sign-up for the blood drive on May 17th from 9:30 AM-2:00 PM. All blood received that day will go toward Shelley's account. If you can't be here that day or you'd rather give another day, go to any Carter Blood Bank facility and tell them you'd like to donate for Shelley White - 047775. They'll get it credited to her.

"Today has been another busy Monday, but thank goodness. Shelley did not pass the swallowing test today, but just the fact that they gave it showed that she had improved enough to be tested. She is so very anxious to swallow well enough to have liquid. Physical therapist (three of them) sat her up in bed again today and held her there for 9 minutes. She had to have a Cat Scan because of belly pain, but the report came back as "good". The doctor said is showed fluid but nothing serious. She continues to have swelling in her right leg and foot, so they did a sonogram late this afternoon to determine whether or not there was a blood clot. Greg has gone back to the hospital tonight - hopefully he will learn something about that.
They have begun to talk about moving us the latter part of this week to Baylor Specialty Hospital. She will go there by ambulance and will continue to be on the ventilator there. We have real mixed emotions about the move. There, she will be placed in a 4-bed pod rather than a private ICU cubicle. I am not sure exactly what that will mean about visitation for us. We have built such a relationship with our nurses where we are that they have really begun to bend the rules for us - now we will be starting over in a new place. The Specialty Hospital is an extended care ICU. She may, after so much progress, be moved into either a semi-private or perhaps a private ICU room. At some point we expect that she will transfer to the Baylor Institute of Rehabilitation where she will receive intense rehab therapy.
Please pray specifically that Shelley will not become discouraged and will continue to fight toward her recovery. Pray for Greg as he is planning for a summer without Shelley at home to help with decisions regarding the kids. Greg and I are looking into everything available for the kids this summer (camps, day schools, etc.) Their church will be offering a lot of things for the kids to do and the Children's Minister is being SO HELPFUL in assisting us with the activities for them. We just want to keep them as busy as possible.
Thanks again for loving us.
I love you,