Update on Shelley White

Hardly a day passes that I'm not asked for the latest on Shelley Burks-White. Here's the latest update from Judy, her mother.

"We have had a better day today. Shelley's liver function remains stable and the word for her overall condition today was "stable"!
Her main issue is respiratory and getting her off the ventilator. She is able to "mouth" words now since she is breathing through the trach. She was very alert today and happy when I entered her room with pictures of the kids. The nurses had suggested that I do that.
She is now motioning with her eyes to the pictures as each doctor, tech, or whoever enters the room.
This afternoon she mouthed, "what day?" I said, "Thursday". She shook her head to let me know she was not satisfied with my answer and so I asked her if she meant the date. She nodded "yes" and I told her it was April 16th. Her eyes almost popped out of her head and she mouthed "TAXES"! She became very anxious and almost desperate. I kept assuring her that everyone had filed extensions and she was not to worry and that her employer had filed extensions. She settled down a little, but I cried because I knew she was coming back to us.
Pray that tomorrow will be another day of improvement. Pray that her lungs will breathe again on their own and that her kidneys will begin to function.

Please plan to help us with the Community-Wide blood drive for Shelley on Sunday, May 17th from 10 AM - 2 PM. We're hoping for at least 50 units.


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