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We're back

Wow - what a week! We're exhuberent, but exhausted. We're thrilled with the week of service to the Lord to a dear lady yet glad to be home at the same time. It was a great time and a blessing to all involved - all except for that confounded air-conditioner at FBC Corsicana! More about that later! Now that I've been up for a couple of hours, it's time for a recovery nap!

Mission: Corsicana leaves tomorrow!

This may be my last post until the weekend as I'll be in Corsicana rebuilding homes. Check back here for pix and info next week about that!

More than you bargained for

Julie and I are working around the house today - most just goofing off really. But in the midst of that, we discovered a couple of red wasps right outside the front door. Being good caretakers of a home, we decided to kill them with wasp spray. I shot what I THOUGHT was two wasps. I noticed a small crack they had come from so I sprayed in there as well and when I did. . . let's just say I got more than I bargained for. I thought it was just two wasps. I was severely mistaken. NINE more came out, angry and looking for trouble. Fortunately, I still had the wasp spray! :-)

Mission Trip on the horizon

Yesterday, we (Stile and Zach Denton, Jim Smith and myself) went to Corsicana to make advance preparation for next week's mission trip. The families we're helping were excited to say the least! Believe me when I say there's lots of work ahead - and I do mean lots! For those of you going with us, ready yourself for a blessing!

Freaking unbelievable video

Tomorrow's message is "Talent Show Judge". Here's a teaser video that took my breath away!

Home again

What a week! It was quite a week at StudentLife camp! Our speaker, JR Vassar, did an exceptional job as did Spur58, our worship leaders. The drama group All Things to All People, were absolutely unbelievable! It was a wonderful way to spend the week nevertheless, we're glad to be home. We've only been up a short while and Julie doesn't feel quite well, so today is a slow and quiet day at our house. I'm doing a little catching up on reading. One thing I've read alot about is Chris Hitchin's book How Religion Poisons Everything . Perhaps you've seen it too. If you haven't, the title tells you everything you need to know about the book. It's noteworthy only because of it's popularity (It's in the top ten of the NY Times bestsellers list). Here's my issue with it. He only deals with religion as if its a homogenous unit, all standing on equal footing. Furthermore, nowhere in the work does he address Christianity as a relationship with Jesus Ch

FBC - Student Life Camp

Bright and early Monday morning, Kayne will lead us to Student Life Camp at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, LA. Camp is always an wonderful experience and I expect this week will be no exception. One added benefit of this week of camp will be the ability to see our students while they're at camp via the internet. Pictures are posted daily of activities at the camp. Obviously, we're not the only ones there, but here's the link to check out the pictures:

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day! May the freedom God has blessed us with bless you today!

Back to normal

Now that VBS is over, life can return to normal - whatever that is. Our transition here has been wonderful, but we're still adjusting to a new place and a new way of life. For example, when I needed something from Wal-Mart in Corsicana, it was a 5 minute jot on my way somewhere else. Now, it's a 30+ minute excursion with numerous lists to insure we don't forget something! Not a big deal in the grand scheme of life, but still an adjustment. On a related note, we bought the sixth and final season of "Hogan's Heroes", a sit-com both of us dearly love. Wouldn't you know that our DVD player pooped out the day after? It's okay, really. It makes it okay to want a new Xbox 360!