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A family under Christ

It's Easter Sunday night.  My family is all in bed and I'm still sort of detoxing from a full and wonderful day.  Easter is always a high point for my year, as it should be for a pastor.  The challenge is coming down the other side.  We spent weeks preparing for Easter Sunday, planning just the right talk and music and praying for God's powerful presence for the service.  The temptation - if we're not careful - is to get past Easter and coast for a while.  Even when I'm here typing this, there's a temptation to say "Well, that's over!"  But Easter doesn't end even when the 24 hours we assign to it do.  Our lives in Christ are linked together as a family who serves, honors and glorifies Christ the other 364 days of the year as well.  I thought a lot about this on Palm Sunday when we were serving the Lord's Supper.  When the deacon chairman and I hand our deacons the plates and trays, I get to sit down for a moment, facing you, my church fa