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Remembering 9/11

Every year - at least since 2001 - coming to 9/11 has been sobering.  Has it really been 17 years since that awful day?  I remember like it was last week.  I was preparing for a school day at Corsicana Christian Academy.  We were having our daily briefing and prayer time when our attendance secretary broke in and told us a plane had hit the World Trade Center.  Eleven years earlier, as a college senior on my first trip to NYC, I saw the Trade Centers and felt like it was the very symbol of the city.  The weather where we were was crystal clear and beautiful as it was in NYC.  To think of someone crashing into them was unthinkable - how could you NOT see them?  Our headmaster called on me to pray for those affected.  Little did we know it would be all of us.  Ours was a small school.  I took the one and only TV we had and set it up in my classroom.  I was supposed to be teaching Bible and philosophy that day but the lesson plans got cast aside quickly.  Just as we turned the TV on,