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Fun with Bulletins

Once in a while, I get an email with bulletin mistakes. Invariably, I find them more than slightly amusing considering that they are published and handed out on Sunday mornings when "good" people wouldn't dare laugh at such a thing. Personally, I believe the Lord has a great sense of humor as reflected in these outtakes. Enjoy! ~ During the absence of our Pastor, we enjoyed the rare privilege of hearing a good sermon when J.F. Stubbs supplied our pulpit. ~ Please place your donation in the envelope along with the deceased person(s) you want remembered. ~ Attend and you will hear an excellent speaker and heave a healthy lunch. ~ The church will host an evening of fine dining, superb entertainment, and gracious hostility. ~ This afternoon there will be a meeting in the north and south ends of the church. Children will be baptized at both ends. ~ Tuesday at 4:00 pm there will be an ice cream social. All ladies giving milk will please come early. ~ Wednesday the Lad

FHS vs Arp

We played the No. 1 team in the state last week, the Arp Tigers. Although we lost 34-6, the boys fought hard and gave a solid effort. You'll see some of that in the video below. We still control our own playoff destiny - win out and we're in. We'll know soon!

My favorite coach

With regard to leadership and coaching, one of the most influential characters in my life has been the timeless Coach John Wooden. I keep a copy of one of his books close to my desk as a reminder that sometimes, nice guys don't finish last. There's a great article on today's ESPN website about Coach Wooden you ought to read. Here's the link.

Sealed Deal

Yesterday, Julie and I spent an hour or two signing papers and finalizing our deal on the house we've bought. After all that signing and signing and signing, we're done! We spent last night sleeping in the living room so we (truthfully, Julie) could steam the carpet in our bedroom. By so doing, we're enabling Duane and Mary to move in right behind us. So we're all set and plenty excited about it. Our dog, Dodger, is a little confused. He seemed genuinely concerned last night about why we were sleeping in the living room! Keep praying for our move. The process has been great and the people we've worked (Myriah our realtor, Derek our mortgage guy and the Boren-Scott Title Company) have been awesome. Best of all, the people we bought the house from have been great. So good in fact, we're getting in early. We'll begin moving tomorrow morning with the knick-knacks and tchochktes. The movers will be there first thing Saturday morning and by Saturday af

FHS v West Rusk

Despite our boys best efforts, we lost last Friday vs a salty West Rusk Raider team. 28-10. Nevertheless, our boys played hard and made some wonderful plays. Here's evidence to that effect.

For my friends in law enforcement

This is probably NOT the way you want to handle getting a speeding ticket. - Watch more free videos

A little love from my Longhorn friends

Sent to me this week from some kind people in Austin - and I thank them!

Welcome Rev. Steve and Wendy Palmer

Welcome Steve and Wendy and their children. Steve is the new pastor at Hilltop Baptist Church here in Frankston. Voted in this past Sunday, Steve is already on the field. I had lunch with Steve today and have found him to be a wonderful man of God with a passion for reaching people with the Gospel. Pray for Bro. Steve, Wendy and their children as they begin their new work at Hilltop!

This week in FHS Football

HOMECOMING - Frankston, 24; Troup, 12 - Final Score.

Welcome to Kathy Parrish and Bertha Newman

We welcome our two newest members! Kathy Parrish, wife of our own Dwayne Parrish, has recently gotten married and come to be a part of our fellowship. Welcome Kathy! Bertha Newman is no stranger to us - she's been a part of Ruth Dark's Esther class for several months now. She came forward to rededicate her life! Praise the Lord! Pray for these decisions and others that need to be made - the series we've just finished is as hard-hitting as any I've ever done. Pray for the next series - "The Dangerous Arts!" We'll begin that Sunday, October 26.

Square Fair Thanks

I owe a BIG thanks to the people in the picture (except myself, of course!) and the photographer. From left to right, Sally Bradley (husband Bob is taking the picture!), Jerry Hinkie, Julie Wood, Ann Thomas, Flo Bussey (kneeling), Billy Bussey and on the back row, Will Hinkie, myself and Franchot Thomas. Also not picture, mascot Dodger who barked away all the threats. These folks took on the tough job of setting up our Square Fair booth Friday night. Thanks! Another BIG thanks to Duane NeSmith for supervising the tear-down Saturday afternoon. He took that job to allow his pastor the luxury of watching the Texas-ou (otherwise known as "o-who?) game. Thanks D- I owe you.

Why I don't do more weddings

Weddings are not a part of my job that I find fun. The best part is seeing the bride come down the aisle. The worst part is running the rehearsal with five hundred bosses telling the pastor what he needs to do. (BTW, I listen very politely and nod accordingly - then when I do the service, I do it how I like!) At any rate, I found this video and found it more than a little amusing.

As quickly as they came, they're gone

For those who haven't already heard, the children who've been in our care since June have returned to their biological parents. Please join us praying for them and their future as well as their parents. Indeed, they were a blessing to us for their time spent here. Thanks to each of you who loved on them while they were here. As for us, we're doing well. We have spent the last two evenings in our quiet house. We've decided foster parenting isn't for us, so we're now pursuing adoption. Please ask the Lord to lead us to children who need a home.

FHS vs Hemphill

Here's this week's video. Frankston 28, Hemphill 12.

FHS vs Alto

Here's your reward for making your visit to my site. The team won't see this until tomorrow morning but you see it now! (at least as soon as YouTube finishes processing it - it should be ready by 7 PM Thursday night).