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The end of an era

I read today that the Cotton Bowl is leaving Dallas for Arlington. Somehow, I thought that decision had already been made. As soon as the Mayor of Dallas allowed the Cowboys to walk away, I thought the die was cast for the Cotton Bowl. I've always loved the State Fair grounds. I used to work just a few miles from there and had to pass the Stadium on a daily basis. One of the first places I took my wife Julie was the Texas-OU game at the Cotton Bowl. I sat there in the rain, cold, heat and wind. Thus, as one who has been to (far more than) my fair share of games at the Cotton Bowl Stadium, let me just say this: Good riddance! It's the armpit of Fair Park. Maybe worse than that. The seats are so close together, I feel like my personal space is invaded (esp as a tall man). The toilets are a disaster. The aisles are far too narrow. The truth is they had forgotten their purpose: to provide a reasonable venue for the game, not just to take in money. Hmmmm. . . . sounds familiar, doe

I knew there was something else. . .

I meant to post this when I posted earlier. My wife and I have spent the last three years or so scrimping together money for some new kitchen countertops. Finally, this month, we had enough to do it so we went down and hired a contractor and paid the first half. Although we didn't think we would be able to, we were able to afford granite countertops, a real plus! They were supposed to be installed today so we did our demo work last weekend - see above picture for us at our destructive best. However, we got a call on Wednesday - they had broken the granite! So now we wait again. I hate to wait! Who doesn't? Oh well. I'll post a shot when we get them put in.