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Holy Moments with Mom

My mom went home to be with Jesus last week.  I don't say "I lost my mom" because lost means I don't know where she is. I know where she is.  Over the last couple of weeks, I've had time to reflect on some of the holy moments I shared with my mom.  I hope you'll forgive the length of my writing but I'll start with the last.  When we took my mom to the hospice center, I knew it wouldn't be long.  Sadly, with my line of work, I've been there before.  Albeit with other families, but I knew where we were.  It was decided that my sisters would return home (since they both had "regular" jobs) and I would stay the night with mom.  No sooner had my family left than I literally saw my mom begin to change.  Almost imperceptibly at first but I could tell she was sliding away from me.  I talked to her and sang along with her beloved Gaither music that we kept playing from her iPad.  I held her hand and told her some of the things I'll share bel