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Saturday - June 29 2019

It’s Saturday morning – my last one in Africa. . .for now.   After talking it over last night, Jeremiah and I both decided today was a good day to. . . . do nothing.   We determined this was our best chance to catch our breath before everyone arrives tonight and the insanity begins for next week.   Thus, we’re hanging at the school today and doing as little as we can get away with.   By Friday night, I’ll be back in my comfortable home with hot water, consistent electricity, stable and strong Wifi, excellent roads (by comparison) and a million other luxuries.   Meanwhile, these children will still be here.   When I woke up this morning, I was keenly aware of that.   And of them.   I could hear them singing, laughing and playing together. Even now, I hear them working on clearly the construction debris from a barn they tore down earlier in the week (a job I would NEVER allow children that young to do back home – I’d be terrified of cuts on their hands / legs.   The

Friday - June 28 2019

The day we’ve planned for since April 2018 is finally here.   Today is the day our teams in Texas will leave to come this way.   I’m both excited and terrified.   My prayer is for them to come with a flexible, willing, teachable and loving spirit to serve with us.   The plans we have are written in sand at best.   It all depends on so many circumstances coming together at the right time in the right place.    My prayer is / has been / will be that we serve what our Kenyan friends need, not what our task list reflects.   For me, those two are often too far apart.   I talked with Bryan Pinson, our missions pastor, just as he we arriving at the Midland airport to prepare to leave.   This is exciting!     As for me and our work here in Nairobi, today we begin our journey with the Bible college students.   This was a vision Bishop presented to me in the fall of 2016.   I’m honored and excited to share today and Monday with these students.   They will also join our past

Thursday - June 27 2019

It’s early – 4:24 AM when the rooster started crowing.   Someone needs to buy him a wristwatch!   (Do roosters have wrists?).   It was a restful night.   I went to bed after I finished my “Enron” book.   They all go to jail, shocked that the American people couldn’t see how great their company was and how wise they were!   Anyway, I rested quite well from about 9 PM till 4:24.   I took a shower using the feature my room has that is rare here – a water heater.   Bishop was so proud of that water heater!   Guess what – it didn’t work.   The water was as cold as could be.   I waited and waited.   Finally, I gave up and took a fast cold one.   I also toured the facilities where our team will be sleeping.   I’m so excited for them – this is Africa at its best!   While the rooms are lovely and the beds are soft and fitted with nice bed coverings, this isn’t the Hilton.   There’s no air / heat other than the windows.   There’s no fine cookware.   No televisions.   No