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Back at it

Our First Family Minister to Families Cory Brand asked me if I had a blog.  I told him I did and sent him the link.  After the shame he heaped upon me that it has been a long, long time since I updated, I'm back to work.  Let's start here. At lunch yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit with some new friends.  One of our international partners brought them through Midland and they stayed at one of FBC's missionary houses.  I have no clue if their stories are true, but I have no reason to doubt them either, esp with their connection with our ministry partner.  Here's what I learned.   One of our guests is a trained engineer, trained at China’s version of MIT.  He came to faith in Christ while in school and wanted to come to Westminister Seminary in Philadelphia, but couldn’t get the proper paperwork in place.  Instead, he was working for the Chinese government and discipling believers at home.  It wasn’t long till he was caught and jailed for 8 years.  He got out