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Summer Reading

I've always loved to read.  When I was little and first learning to read, my parents made two mistakes: (1) Buying me a membership in a book club and (2) giving me a flashlight.  When used well together, it made for a some fine late night reading!  Strangely enough, when I would fall asleep reading with the flashlight on, I would wake up the next morning with my book and light on the night stand.  Not a word was said about it esp in the summer.  When the summer would come, I was allowed to expand my reading to things other than school stuff - usually sports related stories or hot-rod magazines.  But always - ALWAYS - reading. That hasn't change at all.  Each day, I read the Wall St Journal.  Like I once did with the sports page or the comics, I now turn to their book review in the editorial section.  It has become my "go-to" source for finding new reading material and it has not disappointed yet.  It leads me to stuff I would never find.  And that's what I just

A poem to go with our summer series

One of our church family members recently wrote a poem about Hebrews that I wanted to share with you.  Alice and Dick Brown are members of FBC.  This poem reflects Ms Alice's passion for Jesus and His Word.  I hope it blesses you as much as it did me.  A Journey Through Hebrews.   by Alice Brown Oh that we would understand That God from long ago Revealed himself in many ways That men might clearly know This God who calls them to Himself, But man did fail to show Devotion to His loving voice And his own way did go So God then came in human form, Christ Jesus was his name-- Sustainer, Heir and Perfect Sacrifice, Yes, God, always the same. Now seated on His holy throne Revealed to man that we proclaim This God who came to us That all might know His fame. Through sin we lost our glory But Jesus won it back. Through selfless pain and suffering He gave what we now lack-- His righteousness, redemption, By His own saving act-- A great h

Baptizing my son

It's July 8th.  Before day, there's been nothing really spectacular about that day.  But there is now.  Seven years ago, when Josh was born, I began praying for today, asking that my son would some day come to love Jesus and want to serve Him.  I have never prayed for the Lord to call Josh into ministry but I pray for him to love the Lord and want to serve him using whatever skills he has.  My prayers for his salvation were answered and now for his baptism!  What a great kid!  I was asked - after the baptism - how I held my composure on such a big day at such a big moment.  Two things helped - (1) Although I've baptized many people in 20 years of being a pastor, I spent time rehearsing because I knew this was no ordinary baptism.  I didn't trust my emotions.  I was concerned they would run away with me.  So I rehearsed a speech I've given hundreds of times.  It wasn't that I didn't know what to say or how to say it.  I just had never used it on my own so

Random Question: "Why the moniker Dr. D?"

Sometimes people will ask how I settled on the moniker Dr D or ask why I carry such a pretentious title.  In the interest of clarity, here's my multi-faceted answer.  (1) Go with me back to my childhood.  I wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer (some things never change, do they?).  But my mom consistently encouraged me to not settle for less than the best I could do, no matter what that was.  She never went to college nor did my dad, but for them, education was a highly prized asset.  While they didn't tell me how far they wanted me to go in school, they wanted me to give it my best lick.  When I went to Dallas Baptist, they were thrilled when I graduated.  When I went to Southwestern Seminary for my masters, they were excited for me.  While I don't think either of them really understood why I wanted to do doctoral work, they were so very proud that I did.  I keep a picture in my doctoral diploma frame that I took on the day I received it.  The picture is just of t